New Mother Support Package

New Mother Support Package

The aim of the "New Mother Support Package" is to hold mum tight. To hold her in the space that she now finds herself, to give her comfort, support, encouragement, and hope. To give her a non judgemental space where she can be free to express what is going through her heart and mind without the fear of being judged.  It is designed to give her all of the support that you know she'll need but are unsure if you can provide it.

This is for a new mum at any stage, it doesn't have to be the first baby, it could be the second, third, fourth... fifth. It could be the unexpected twins pregnancy or a surprise last baby years after the others.  This package is designed to support mum in the first 8 weeks after birth, while she grows her wings, develops her confidence and sense of self as a mother, so that she can confidently step into this new life phase.


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