These additional terms apply to all guests and contributors of content for our website, By agreeing to be a guest and/or making a submission of content to us at The Well Lived Life Company [ABN 28619314541 ],  you are accepting these additional terms and conditions, and any other terms and conditions and policies we publish or link to on our website and services. 

Payment and Agreement

In some circumstances we may pay you for your appearance as a guest or for the Content you submit to us. If we agree to pay you for your appearance as a guest or your Content, it will be subject to a further agreement made in writing. You must provide us with a tax invoice which will be payable by us in 14 days. 

Once you appear as a guest and/or supply the Content, (whether or not payment is made) you understand and agree that we may edit, copy, publish or distribute the Content as a whole or in part.  

You agree that:

  • you own all copyright pursuant to the Copyright Act 1968  in the Content*;

  • you have complied any of our guidelines and policies in relation to the Content; 

  • you will change the Content in any way that we reasonably request;  and

  • you have disclosed to us if any remuneration or compensation was received, in any form, from a third-party whose products or services form the basis of or are referenced in the Content.

*If you don’t own copyright in the content you must also provide to us copies of all the necessary third party licenses you have to enable the Content to be published. 

Our rights in the Content

You grant us:

  • an exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license in perpetuity to reproduce, publish and deal with the Content in whole or in part for the purpose of our website and other online media;

  • the right to use any part or all of the Content in all formats for the purposes of promotion and advertising without royalties;

  • all associated rights in the Content, including audio rights, electronic rights, broadcast rights, and for any purpose related to the website without royalties;

  • the right to credit the Content with attribution using your name as provided to us. 

After submitting Content to us, you must only use it for your personal use. If you wish to make further commercial use of the Content, you must seek our prior written permission.

Please note, the above rights mean that you allow us to publish part or all of your Content without further payment whenever and wherever we wish to do so, for example publishing on our website and social media sites. It also means we can promote and advertise the website, and we can use your name. (We will only accept your true, correct legal name for any publishing purposes.) If you wish to use the Content again, you will need to seek our permission.

Your Promises 

You warrant that:

  • the Content does not breach any third party Intellectual Property Rights or any third party rights in any way including any contract or proprietary rights;

  • the Content does not contain anything malicious, libelous, defamatory or any illegal material.

You further agree that you will not do anything which may endanger, jeopardise or prejudicially affect the goodwill, image or standing of The Well Lived Life Company.

Waiver and indemnity

You waive the following rights on submission of your Content:

  • any right to inspect or approve of any finished Content to be published;

  • any right to any payment, royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of the Content now or in the future; and

  • any moral rights as defined in the Copyright Act 1968.

You indemnify us against any and all Loss and Damage which we may suffer as a result of any claim against us relating to or in any way arising out of the Content or its publication or this agreement.


Content means any content or information you provide including, but not limited to any photo, illustration, music and/or video or any part of, or any content produced by us during your guest appearance such as audio, video, images, an article.

Loss or damage means any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, special, or consequential loss or damages of any kind, including but not limited to, any loss of profits, revenue, savings, loss of data, personal injury, death, property damage and legal costs.